February 2024 Update​

Following a period of engagement with key stakeholders, the final version of the Spatial Framework will be published shortly. The consultation report is now available here and via the resources tab.

c.650- 750 New Homes

Medium-Scale Density Typically 3-6 storeys

Landmark building up to 9-storeys

New Urban Park

12,490 sqm public parkland

5,640 sqm private pocket parks

A Mixed-use Neighbourhood

1450 sqm Ground floor mixed-use space

c.7250-9000 sqm Commercial space

1750 sqm Enterprise space

1050 sqm Community space

Biodiversity Net Gain

Habitat Biodiversity Units: c.+93% Linear (Hedge) Biodiversity Units: c. +68%

A Mix of Housing Types Affordable

Cost-rental, Social, Private

A Mix of People

Multi-generational living

Universal designed homes

A new neighbourhood for every age and every ability and mobility


Electric charging, solar panels and orientation to natural light

Community orientated flexible facilities

Walkable neighbourhood well connected to public transport

Achoimre Fheidhmeach an Dréacht-Chreata Spáis

Draft Executive Summary Document

Draft Spatial Framework Document